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At Katoni, we pride ourselves on being a company that delivers for our clients and being a team of people who work in a special way. We work to build long lasting and trusted relationships based on high quality reliable delivery. Put simply, we do what we say we will do, we deliver on promises, that is The Katoni Way.

Your business and Katoni are evolving as the world around us changes. Soon energy production, utilisation and storage change will accelerate and we are supporting that and will continue to do so. Our identity is based on a robust commitment to create a future that is Safer, Greener, and More Efficient. This is a simple ethos but one so many fail to get right, as they focus on short-term imperatives rather than sustainable growth. Our growth demonstrates that we are succeeding and helping meet the challenges that face your business which is why we secure so much repeat work. From our Aberdeen office we provide the full range of Consulting, Technical, Project and technology capabilities in support of our clients’ assets around the world. We look forward to working with you and letting you experience The Katoni Way.

Meet our Team

Our consulting, engineering and design team is led by professional engineers experienced in the delivery of compliant, cost effective solutions necessary in today's environment. The team have a range of consultancy, EPC brownfield and practical execution experience which allows us to deliver across a range of scopes and sectors.  

The management team is drawn from a cross section of commercial experts, professional engineers, operations and projects team members. All of the team take an active role in ensuring our commitment and focus is consistently maintained on every project or service we provide.