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Case Studies

Teekay: Hummingbird FPSO, Water Injection Power Study

November 20, 2023
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About the Asset

The Hummingbird FPSO is in the Chestnut field a field operated by Spirit Energy.

Katoni’s role in supporting Spirit and Teekay

We supported this project in early 2018 and this commission was to provide a recommendation for increasing power demand relating to the addition of a new water injection package.

Collaboration in action

Understanding the need - This commission arrived due to inadequacies in the power system infrastructure which Katoni identified for our client as part of our efforts to support them increase production offshore. Our efforts were designed to maximise the economic recovery of hydrocarbons in the Chestnut field with the existing well configuration.

Delivery – We delivered a study which identified equipment upgrade options and optimisations of the existing system to deliver power in the most cost-efficient manner to meet increased operational needs. This was undertaken in line with a wider multi-disciplinary study programme as part of a planned investment to increase hydrocarbon output.

The Katoni Way – We identified the inability to use existing equipment to meet increased power demand and the potential for failure and operational risk. Through our analysis and expertise we helped our client realise a potential opportunity to increase hydrocarbon volume and reduce risk in a cost effective manner.

Project delivered on time and on budget