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Case Studies

Teekay: Foinaven FPSO, Piperack Anomaly

November 20, 2023
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About the asset

The Foinaven was the first FPSO to be located in the waters West of Shetland.

Katoni’s role in supporting Teekay

We supported Teekay on this asset in 2018 and this particular commission was to structurally design a permanent repair to a badly corroded sliding joint supporting one end of an existing 4.8m long 254 X 146 UB. The beam is in an area which is extremely congested with live plant and pipework.

Collaboration in action

Understanding the Teekay’s needs - The client highlighted this anomaly as an urgent repair request, as the beam forms part of a large piperack which spans along the central corridor of the vessel supporting major pipework.

We carried out an offshore survey found that passive fire protection had been retrospectively applied to the sliding joint and the wrong specification of bolts were used. Thus, rendering the sliding joint unable to carry out its function as the pipe spools naturally expand and contract.

Delivery – We structurally designed a solution to avoid a delay completing the repair during a shutdown. A pressurised habitat was erected to carry out localised welding of the angle cleats to the support column. The design encompassed erecting load bearing scaffold to support the beam to remove the badly corroded section and its sliding supports.

The Katoni Way – The new section of the beam was installed in line with the existing member by a bolted splice connection. To ensure the sliding joint can carry out its function; shoulder bolts were installed at both cleated connections and passive fire protection did not extend to the newly installed steelwork.

Project delivered on time and on budget