Senior Technical Safety Engineer

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The nature of the role

This is a key role for current and future business growth in Katoni as a new EPC provider to the Oil & Gas industry.  We are not like companies who have been around Aberdeen for many years and as a lead in this team you’ll want to be part of bringing business to Katoni.  You’ll do this by meeting with people in your network and building strong and valued relationships with new people you meet during work.  In that respect as well as overseeing work you’ll spend time out of the office building your own brand and Katoni’s.  

This role is responsible for co-ordinating the outputs and deliverables of the Technical Safety discipline during the bidding and execution phases and ensuring the engineered product provides a cost effective and high quality solution.  You are to ensure work is planned and executed in accordance with Katoni’s project execution plan and policies for Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental protection.  

You’ll liaise with clients and make sure we are meeting their needs also discussing future opportunities for Katoni to provide support.  

The core of the role

In the role you will want to deliver the following:

Technical excellence working with a wider team.

Safe design solutions.

Ownership of Technical Safety technical output to ensure resolution for clients.

Work in accordance with and improve Katoni’s integrated management system.

Increased personal and corporate knowledge of current and new legislative requirements.  

Preparation, checking and approval of proposals and design/engineering documentation.

Work in accordance with relevant Codes, Standards and Procedures.

Technical integrity of all discipline deliverables on the project.

Interfaces to other disciplines are clearly defined and correctly engineered.

Review of discipline specific work packs, drawings and procedures against design basis, specifications and scope of work.

Reports on any critical issues identified and make proposal for remedial action.

Design clarifications and advise on engineering queries / change proposals raised during completion.

Resourcing of quality personnel for the Technical Safety department.

Projects on time and within budget.


Person specification

Your qualifications, accreditations and experience are important but who you are just as important to Katoni. Through the recruitment process we will want you to show:

You are a team player and can fit in with who we are.

That you want to develop as an individual and contribute to our future growth.

That you want to seize the opportunity we are offering as a core staff member.

You are comfortable in face to face discussions with clients and potential customers.

That you are exceptional and ahead of (or different to) the rest.

Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks, whilst being constrained by tight deadlines.

You have a strong customer focus and negotiating skills with the ability to reach both Katoni’s and its customers’ end goals.

You have a willingness to travel.

Qualifications and experience (all desirable but not all necessary)

Chemical Engineering degree and Chartered Engineer  

You’ll have previous experience in the oil and gas industry

Good communicator both in written and verbal situations  

Computer literate in Microsoft packages and relevant engineering software packages  

Ability to demonstrate you can work at pace with a fine eye for detail  

Offshore survival training - BOSIET


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