ARC FLASH - Specialist Services

The team at Katoni understand the risks associated with Arc Flash and are actively helping a variety of clients as they look to understand the risk and further improve their electrical safety practices. We keep our clients' team members safe, striving to do this in cost effective and practical ways. We are trained experts using sophisticated software packages and the latest internationally recognised methods.





To help you assess where you are in addressing Arc Flash and how we can help you, we have provided some guidance and useful materials to review. Once you have looked over these, please set us a challenge!


  1. Have a look at our FAQ document to understand a little more about Arc Flash in a wider context and how UK legislation applies to the hazard.
  2. Read the real life story of how we helped a client tackle the challenges associated with Arc Flash.
  3. Have a think about where you are on your arc flash journey and how we can help you move forward by reading about three real life situations we have encountered (note that names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

Nick Bramhall


Finally, your call to action - ASK NICK. Set out your challenges to one of our Arc Flash experts, Nick Bramhall, Principal Electrical Engineer. Drop an email or call him and we can start thinking about what the right steps for you are to make your working practices and team members even safer.



Telephone: 01224 452534 



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