At Katoni we have a full time team of over 50 with recruitment ongoing.  We recruit on attitude and passion and have built a culture where we keep the best people because we care about them and delivery for our clients.




We have a philosophy of being SAFER and GREENER and MORE EFFICIENT. We strongly believe that all we do and all of the work we do with you as a client can meet all of these themes, they mean something to us and increasingly these are requirements of doing business in the Energy sector. 





Our services are frequently driven by early client engagement with study, strategy or conceptual work.


Later stages of our execution based work are single discipline or multidiscipline engineering study scopes to deliver practical and cost effective solutions. These services are delivered across our teams including; Process, Piping, Structural, Mechanical, Controls, Instruments, Electrical, Power, Technical Safety, Functional Safety, Construction Management, Construction, Decommissioning and Cyber Security. Some of our typical scopes include but are not limited to:


Conceptual Topsides Design

Operations Technical Support


Root cause analysis and Troubleshooting


Plant Optimisation

Brownfield modifications

System and Equipment Upgrades

Offshore Surveys

Technology Screening


Obsolescence Management

Operations Assurance

Specialist Power System Analysis Studies

Safety Reviews

Vendor Screening and Tender Management

Functional Safety Studies



Our expertise typically means our clients engage us through all steps of the project lifecycle from initial studies through front end and detailed engineering and on to procurement and construction activities. We find that owning and delivering each stage really allows us to show our true capability and ensures a rigid focus on the project outcomes that define our collective success.


For a little bit more on the history of Katoni please visit here and see our timeline and video footage.










Katoni secure SEQUAL - Oct 2021

Katoni secure quality certification SEQUAL


First Scottish U12 Katoni Cup held - Jan 2018

Katoni Engineering Ltd were proud to sponsor the first U12..


Cuthbertson Chairs COP Event - November 2021

Manager Craig Cuthbertson facilitates event at COP26