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Teekay: Foinaven FPSO, Turret Laydown Platform katoni_case_head2.png


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About the asset

The Petrojarl Foinaven is currently contracted to BP beyond 2021 on the Foinaven Field. The Petrojarl Foinaven was the first FPSO to be stationed West of Shetland. The oil is exported using shuttle tankers while half the produced gas is used for Enhanced Oil Recovery, the other half is exported using the West of Shetland Pipeline.

Katoni’s role in supporting Teekay

During an offshore survey to the Foinaven FPSO on a separate scope it was brought to the attention of our surveyor that a requirement exists for a new small laydown area on the forward port side of the turret at the connector deck level.

Katoni incorporated the request into the ongoing survey & then provided an engineering solution to locate a new laydown platform as requested.

Collaboration in action

Understanding the Teekay’s needsA requirement exists for a new small laydown area on the forward port side of the turret at the connector deck level. At present, some items, such as pumps, etc., are occasionally taken on/off the turret via the forward crane and using the forward stair landing as a laydown area. This scenario is far from ideal and has certain risks and limitations. There is also an ESD push button within the immediate proximity of the landing area which has potential for being accidentally triggered.

Delivery  – To ensure costs were minimised from the outset the site survey was incorporated into an ongoing survey & historical laser scan data was utilised. Katoni produced a 3D Cad model of the laydown platform & clash checked it against the laser scan data. Engineering deliverables & workpack were delivered on time & within budget

The Katoni Way – Prior to submitting a CTR to the client, Katoni conducted an upfront study which consisted of producing a high level 3D model of the proposed laydown area. This was presented to the client & ensured that the client was fully aware of the scope & in agreement. Based on this a more accurate & robust CTR could be developed. 

Project delivered on time and on budget


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